6 Diet Tips That Increase Chances For Success

The lists of diets is endless. It seems that every week some new plan comes out that promises improved weight loss results. Many people jump on these newest and greatest fads and often do not take the time to think about their own individuality. For many changing and trying new meal plans has become a habit.

Instead of focusing on what will increase the probability of long term and permanent success, we seem to jump from one empty promise to another. Choosing the right diet is one of the most important keys to success. Most people give up and fail because they choose those diets that are not compatible with their lifestyles, eating likes and other habits, then they give and then find a new one over and over again in a never ending cycle.

6 Diet Tips – How to Choose 

1. Is the Food Required Affordable and Tasty? Nothing kills weight loss faster than following a meal plan that you do not like or have a taste for. Some people hate bananas, so the Banana Diet will not work for them as well as the Cabbage Soup one, which is a 7 day program that is mostly spent eating cabbage soup. Also, some diets are also more costly in food prices than others, like Atkins Diet that may cost more as it is mostly compromised of proteins, eggs, meats and fish.

2. Find one that matches you regular eating style. Some people have the time and discipline to eat three square meals per day, while others lead a more chaotic life, and are lucky to gulp down a hamburger sometime between their regular daily tasks. Each diet plan has a specific eating schedule and meal plan and it should be as close as possible to your regular eating schedule.


  • Will the meal plan coincide with the rest of the family, and if not, how much of a hardship will that be both time wise and eating wise?
  • Is there time for cooking specific meals?

3. Exercise – Some diets require exercise and others do not. This is an important diet tip as it can make or break success.

4. The Time it Takes to Lose Weight –  There are several rapid weight loss diets. These diets do boast a very quick and high weight loss, all though often this is just liquid loss and not actual fat. You may want to consider a more eating habit/lifestyle change diet that can bring long term weight management success.

5. Favorite Foods – Humans love what is forbidden, and once people are told they can’t have it, they crave that even more. One of the biggest reasons that diets fail is because of cheating and giving up to temptation. If this is a big problem for you then you may want to consider a plan that is more flexible and allows for some cheating and even requires indulgence, such as the Cheater’s Diet, that has cheating weekends built in and allows for favorites like pizza, ice cream, chocolate and wine.

6. Is the Diet Structured or Flexible – Some people are very disciplined and can handle a very structured diet, while others prefer more flexibility. Calorie counting diets, like Scarsdale, require limited amount of food intake and nothing more, for some this is a turn off.  Some may prefer a plan such as Atkins, that only eliminates sugars and carbs and yet allows for unlimited eating of proteins, fats and some vegetables. Just make sure the diet plan allows you enough food and calories that hunger won’t undermine your efforts to lose weight.

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